HungerRush acquires OrdrAI’s AI-driven text message ordering solution

HungerRush has acquired OrdrAI, a text and voice ordering provider for the restaurant industry, giving HungerRush Restaurant Management System the ability to utilize Artificial Intelligence-driven order texting, according to a press release.

The appeal of OrdrAI is its conversational AI which, by using the SMA function of a mobile device, can accurately understand orders placed by customers. This technology uses a combination of natural language processing and real-time quality control, providing restaurant patrons a fast, reliable and safe customer experience.

The OrdrAI text-to-order solution features AI-driven interpretation of text orders; a secondary confirmation process to clarify order accuracy; seamless system integration with POS, menus, pricing, delivery zones, payments and rewards; streamlined checkout process with multiple payment options through digital ordering channels and continuous learning to provide order accuracy.

“We are excited to welcome the OrdrAI team and augment our restaurant management platform with integrated voice and text message ordering,” Perry Turbes, CEO of HungerRush said in the release. “We are committed to providing innovative multi-channel digital ordering technologies to restaurant owners so they can own their business data and customer relationships, ensuring the best experience for their guests.”

The text-to-order feature will be available with the HungerRush Restaurant Management System or as an optional add-on for existing customers.