Interactions Launches Virtual Collections Agent

Intelligent virtual assistance company Interactions launched a new product this week that aims to help accounts receivable management companies in their collections efforts.

The new product, Virtual Collection Agent (VCA), helps organizations with their collection efforts by– as the name suggests– providing a virtual agent to interact with the customer. The virtual agent creates efficiency for organizations by replacing human agents, creating scale, and automating negotiation.

Not only this, VCA is also beneficial to consumers. One in four consumers prefer interacting with a virtual agent when it comes to discussing uncomfortable financial information.

Piloting the new launch is ERC, a business process outsourcing service provider. “Over the past few years—and particularly in this pandemic—we recognized that automation was no longer a ‘nice to have’ in our industry, it was a requirement for addressing demand,” said ERC CEO Marty Sarim. “The response we’ve seen from both our customers and live agents has been encouraging, and the efficiencies we’ve been able to build into our business has put us in an extremely competitive position.”

Interactions’ other products include an intelligent virtual agent for customer engagement and a social listening and engagement tool that taps AI to to find and prioritize meaningful social posts, suggest responses, and gather insights.

Founded in 2004, Interactions facilitates one billion customer interactions per year across six different channels for large brands including Hyatt, Humana, LifeLock, and Mountain America Credit Union.

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash