InterSystems on Navigating Data in the Fintech Landscape

The topic of data is one that pulses throughout conversations in the fintech industry. No matter what sub-sector you’re working in, it’s likely you faced the challenge– or are facing the challenge– on how to manage, store, and interpret data of all types.

I recently spoke with Joe Lichtenberg, Director of Industry Marketing at InterSystems, one of our FinovateWest sponsors. During our conversation, Lichtenberg spoke about recent trends he is seeing within financial services, the technology that is driving those trends, and how data is playing a role.

Be sure to catch InterSystems’ keynote on Monday, November 23 at 2:15 pm Pacific time. In his discussion, Jeff Fried, Director of Product Management for InterSystems, will be detailing seven steps to implementing machine learning in financial services. Finovate Analyst David Penn highlighted Fried’s session earlier this fall in a post titled, Giving AI and Machine Learning the Business.