Investigation for US Bancorp and US Bank National Association data breach continues

Houston-based Emerson Firm PLLC, will be continuing its investigation regarding a data breach at U.S. Bancorp and U.S. Bank National Association (collectively ‘U.S. Bank’) that affected U.S. Bank customers by compromising their personal data, according to news release.

On July 30, 2020, a computer server containing personal and identifiable information of U.S. Bank customers, was physically stolen from an undisclosed U.S. Bank corporate office. The stolen data reportedly included names and account numbers, but there is concern it could also encompass additional sensitive information.

Although the theft of the information occurred in July, U.S. Bank began notifying affected consumers of the data breach incident in Sept., without explaining why they waited to communicate to customers.

Emerson Firm PLLC believes the breach was a direct result of U.S. Bank’s failure to implement adequate and reasonable cyber-security procedures and protocols necessary to protect customers’ personally identifiable information.

Emerson, represents consumers throughout the nation in the investigation, devoting its practice to complex commercial litigation. The firm has recovered more than a billion dollars for consumers in class actions throughout the United States.