Kasasa’s New Partnership Fuels New Mortgage Lending Product


Marketing services company Kasasa is partnering with BSI Financial Services to provide a new mortgage loan product that community banks and credit unions can offer their clients.

The new offering, Kasasa Mortgage, helps small financial institutions compete with large banks by offering a unique loan product. What’s distinctive about Kasasa Mortgage is that it uses the Take-Back concept the company piloted in 2018. Every month the borrower has the option to overpay on their mortgage payment. If, at any time in the future, they need to access cash quickly, they have the option to take back any portion of the overpayment.

Making the new launch possible, BSI Financial will conduct the loan servicing on behalf of community banks and credit unions using the new product, Kasasa Mortgage.

“Through Kasasa’s partnership with BSI Financial, we are enabling a greater number of local financial institutions to help their borrowers better understand their mortgage loan and get out of debt quicker,” said Kasasa’s EVP of Product Management, Chris Cohen. “By offering the most consumer-friendly loan available today, community banks and credit unions can achieve higher yields without the additional risk and maintain their fair share of the market.”

Earlier this month Kasasa improved on its Take Back loan by integrating Carleton’s insurance and debt protection calculations to help tailor loan limits.

Photo by Tracy Adams on Unsplash