KeyBank’s Justin Hunsaker speaks on automating the customer experience at Bank Automation Ignite

Justin Hunsaker, head of omnichannel experience at KeyBank, will speak on automating the customer experience during the Bank Automation Ignite virtual conference, which takes place April 13-14. Hunsaker’s on-demand presentation will be broadcast on April 13 at 3:15 p.m. ET.

Justin Hunsaker, head of omnichannel experience at KeyBank

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Hunsaker’s presentation will focus on “CX Automation and the Pursuit of the Phy-gital Experience,” which refers to the combination of an in-person and digital customer experience.

“Today, [customer experience] automation is enabling innovative digital client experiences — taking the client journey to new depths,” Hunsaker said. “Through CX Automation, ‘phy-gital’ — a combination of in-person and digital — experiences are becoming a powerful way to build connections, deepen relationships and provide seamless interactions.”

Hunsaker said KeyBank data shows that younger users prefer such experiences more than four times as much as older users in the U.S.

Hunsaker leads KeyBank’s organization and wellness team in the enterprise digital unit. The team is responsible for digital product management of KeyBank’s originations and wellness squads, partnering with the lines of business to develop client experiences that drive growth. Hunsaker’s team has delivered a modern, omnichannel experience for more than half of the originations at KeyBank, almost doubling the total originations performed digitally, and more than doubling the number of checking accounts opened digitally, Hunsaker said.

Hunsaker joined KeyBank in 2017, focusing on client centricity and digital transformation in business banking. As part of that team, he delivered the small business wellness review in less than nine months, winning a 2019 Monarch Innovation Award from Barlow Research Associates for business banking team.

Previously, Hunsaker worked for 10 years at Capital One Bank, where he led the customer experience strategy and analytics team. Prior to that, he worked as a software engineer for Harris Corporation.

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