Learn what non-technical bankers can achieve with Unqork no-code


Unqork recently hosted a financial institutions and banking operations-centered hackathon to showcase what non-technical business users can achieve with just one hour of training with no-code development—and the results provide a glimpse of what the future of banking innovation might look like.

The virtual hackathon (or “Unqorkathon”) introduced various enterprise operations professionals to our enterprise no-code application platform. Following an hour-long lesson on how to build using Unqork, participants were given access to the platform to begin building their own custom solutions over the next week and present them to the group.

his Unqorkathon was a prime example of the power and potential of no-code: While many of today’s leading programming languages can take months to learn and up to a year to master, Unqork’s intuitive visual-based platform can be picked up in just a few weeks (or, as the event showcased during our hackathon, potentially even less).

With a little training, business users can rapidly build and effectively manage robust enterprise applications with little-to-no reliance on IT teams. That means professionals can directly funnel their expertise into rapidly addressing business challenges without depending on non-business units to translate their business requirements into code.

“What I was impressed with first and foremost was just how easy this was,” explained a participant, a global client service professional, “I have no technical background whatsoever. I’ve worked in client-facing roles and client-services my entire career. So, as a business user, it was great to have the flexibility to build this on the fly using the module editor. It was a true end-to-end platform, not only the front-end application, but the workflows and data visualization on top of that.”

One participant showcased a client onboarding solution built with Unqork and how it directly connected back-end systems with client-facing data-collection forms. The solution fed information directly into a central repository where cases were automatically sorted into relevant workflows (e.g., Client Service Approval or OFAC Approval). In addition to tailored stakeholder views, the unified system made it easy to analyze and visualize data to provide internal users with comprehensive real-time oversight of their operations.

Throughout the hackathon, participants reiterated that, as non-IT professionals, it was surprisingly easy for them to automate and streamline core operational processes using Unqork. One participant built an impressive control center for communications management at a large organization. If you can describe an enterprise workflow, chances are you can build it using Unqork.

Despite having only been introduced to the platform via an hour’s lesson, these business professionals were able to build robust enterprise-ready applications related to:

  • Institutional Client Onboarding
  • Private Wealth Onboarding and Activity Management
  • Content Management and Workflow Review
  • Digital Security Operations Center
  • Cyber Security Processing Center
  • Global Continuous Improvement Command Center
  • Digital Data Quality and Metrics Platform
  • COVID Command Center for Schools
  • Global Corporate Communications Platform

All these applications were made possible with Unqork’s Digital Operations HQ accelerators. Read about Unqork’s no-code platform successes here and join the no-code revolution to drive Banking Innovation.