Ledgible and DigiShares Team Up to Boost Accuracy in Digital Asset Tax Accounting and Reporting

  • Digital asset tokenization platform DigiShares partnered with digital asset tax, accounting, and data platform Ledgible.
  • The partnership will ensure greater accuracy and efficiency when assessing taxes for cryptocurrency and tokenized assets.
  • Founded in 2018, DigiShares made its Finovate debut at our all-digital event, FinovateSpring 2021.

White-label digital asset tokenization platform DigiShares has inked a partnership with digital asset tax, accounting, and data platform Ledgible. The collaboration will give DigiShares issuers, investors, and their accounting teams greater accuracy and efficiency in the challenging area of crypto and tokenized asset taxation.

Specifically, DigiShares will send subscriber investment, trade, and distribution to Ledgible’s Digital Asset Tax and Accounting Platform. Ledgible’s platform then analyzes the economic and ownership activity and normalizes it to enhance CPA-led preparation of Forms 1065 and 1120, Schedule K-1, and other tax returns. The technology assesses digital asset tax liability and provides that data to the customer’s accounting system.

“With the growing adoption of crypto and tokenized assets, tax gain and loss accuracy and efficiency in this new, complex environment is critical for each participant in the tokenized asset ecosystem,” Ledgible CEO Kell Canty said.

Founded in 2018, DigiShares made its Finovate debut at our all-digital event FinovateSpring 2021. The company, headquartered in Denmark, demoed how its technology provides automation and liquidity for real estate via its digital asset tokenization platform. DigiShares digitizes and automates both the processes related to financing of projects as well as ongoing corporate management and ownership. In addition to real estate, use cases for the company’s digitization technology include payments, KYC, e-signing, investor management, and legal processes.

“This collaboration opens new possibilities for our clients in managing digital assets, enabling them to stay compliant and confident in their tax and accounting practices,” DigiShares co-founder and CEO Claus Skaaning said.

2023 has been a busy year of partnerships for DigiShares. This spring, the company announced collaborations with cryptocurrency company TFC Services, Spanish real estate discovery solution Equito App, alternative trading system (ATS) company Oasis Pro Markets, and chartered trust company Fortress Trust. Earlier this month, DigiShares teamed up with Texture Capital to help boost liquidity opportunities for tokenized real-world assets (RWAs).

Photo by Oleksandr Canary Islands