Lending, Automation, and Digital Transformation with Teslar Software’s Amy Berger


Making its Finovate debut nearly seven years ago (as 3E Software), Teslar Software has become a valued strategic partner for community financial institutions across the United States. The firm’s portfolio management solutions aggregate and automate both lending and deposit operations into a single system, enabling them to scale and enhance processes throughout the institution.

Just this week, the Springdale, Arkansas-based company announced its latest partnership, teaming up with Tennessee’s Legends Bank who will use Teslar’s full suite of automated workflow and portfolio management tools to streamline and centralize its commercial lending business. Legends Bank joins The First, Jefferson Security Bank, and Bank First – community banks that have announced collaborations with Teslar over the past few weeks and months.

We caught up with Teslar Software’s Solutions Specialist, VP, Amy Berger to talk about the company’s recent progress in helping banks improve their commercial lending operations, and which trends in financial services she expects to dominate in 2022.

Tell us about yourself and your experience in financial services.

Amy Berger: My experience in financial services has been in the banking industry, with a focus on business lending. I began my career with a commercial finance company, but have spent nearly the last 20 years in community banking. I’ve worked as a commercial lender, in credit administration, SBA lending management, and have extensive M&A experience. I’ve consistently been active with the credit system side of things. 

I first became acquainted with the fintech space when centralizing commercial and consumer lending functions for a bank. That was actually the first time I came in contact with Teslar Software, a provider of portfolio management tools that aggregate and automate lending and deposit operations for community financial institutions. Years later, and I have come full circle, joining Teslar Software as the VP, solutions specialist. 

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities facing business lending today?

Berger: The most notable business lending challenges and opportunities fall into the same bucket: the need for community banks to understand the needs of and be responsive to their customers and businesses within their communities. This raises potentially tricky questions such as how to efficiently provide those services while still delivering speed and a high touch service approach for your customers.

Bankers were forced to really address this question head on over the last two years and many have embraced technology in meaningful ways. With modern technology, banks are discovering how to provide both convenient, digital experiences and a personal connection to customers within commercial lending. I only expect this trend to grow this year and beyond.

How does Teslar help institutions support their small businesses?

Berger: Teslar Software aggregates and automates lending and deposit operations processes into a single system, enabling institutions to improve efficiencies and seamlessly scale. With Teslar, banks are able to spend less time on tedious, paper-based processes and more time growing their portfolios and building more meaningful customer relationships.

Teslar is laser focused on helping institutions provide a fully digital experience across commercial and SBA lending. We truly believe there is a significant market gap here and, if approach correctly, such digitization can empower banks to grow and compete with greater visibility and speed.

What advice do you have for women looking to grow professionally in this male-dominated industry?

Berger: Stay true to what you’re passionate about and don’t be afraid to contribute. Ask questions. Raise your hand. Use your voice. This may sound quite simple, but it can make all the difference for women looking to grow and thrive in the industry.

What financial service trends can be expected in the new year? 

Berger: Thanks to the range of options made available by fintechs, digitization is no longer just for the large national banks; it’s now within everyone’s reach.  It’s prime time for community and regional banks to fully embrace digital transformation wherever they can. To effectively do so must involve integrating systems to streamline business processes and deliver products and services quickly. The community banking space has proven time and again the value they provide, and I don’t expect that momentum to slow down any time soon.

Photo by Vojtech Okenka from Pexels