Listen: Archway Software president, WaFd CTO offers preview of panel at Bank Automation Summit US 2023

Washington Federal Bank has spun off a digital innovation provider, Archway Software, led by WaFd Chief Technology Officer Dustin Hubbard, who will speak at the Bank Automation Summit U.S. 2023 in Charlotte, N.C., next week.

As part of the panel, “Automation Operations: Use Cases for Transformation” on Thursday, March 2, at 1:30 p.m. ET, Hubbard will discuss his role as president of Archway Software and share how his experience at WaFd and Pike Street Labs will carry over into his latest endeavor.

Attendees of the panel discussion will learn about:

  • How to take advantage of tools or technologies you currently have;
  • How to pick the right tool for an automation job; and
  • Use cases on successful automation implementation.

Hubbard will be joined by Tom Lang, head of treasury management products and operation at PNC Financial Services; Daniel Ireland, senior manager of automation business and strategy at Discover Financial Services; Karen Oakland, vice president of financial services industry marketing at Smart Communications; and John Trapani, industry leader for financial services at Appian.

Listen as Hubbard discusses the launch of Archway Software and his plans for next week’s Bank Automation Summit U.S.

Learn more about Bank Automation Summit U.S. 2023 here and register here.

Whitney McDonald 0:05
Hello and welcome to a special edition of the buzz a bank automation news podcast. Joining us is Dustin Hubbard, president of Archway Software. Dustin will speak at the upcoming bank automation summit us 2023. On Thursday, March 2 in Charlotte, the following is a preview of his upcoming discussion on the automation operations use cases for transformation panel. First question, just tell me a little bit more about this new endeavor of archway software that you’re diving into

Dustin Hubbard 0:38
your Whitney Well, archery software really has been over three years in the making. And that’s because just about three and a half years ago, Washington Federal Bank asked me to join and help build out a technology platform to help them modernize their digital experiences for their clients. And we started that as pipe street labs. And over the last three years, we’ve been winning several awards on the on the platform. And so in 2022, we decided to split it out into a new company with venture funding called archway software. And really, you know, our goal is digital freedom for banks, we want allow banks to pick and choose the best providers and have the ability to deliver the best client experiences with the least amount of friction. And so our technologies are designed to help empower banks put the best technology in their clients hands.

Whitney McDonald 1:39
Of course, we know that you’ll still be on automation projects and leading the way there for archway, can you share a little bit how you’re going to be approaching automation for archway and where that overlap is?

Dustin Hubbard 1:52
Yeah, so automation, when it’s working really well, starts with integration. And so our trade is really an integration stack, first and foremost. And so if you think about automation, it’s how do I get information from point A to point B in the most seamless way possible, oftentimes, that sort of API connection, sometimes it’s through ETL, jobs and others. And while typically, it’s being used to help streamline things for the back office, it’s client impacting because it’s speeding up the ability to do something like originate a loan or open an account. And so our choices still totally focused on automation in the sense of interconnecting different providers together such that you’re removing a lot of those manual processes that happen oftentimes behind the curtain. Clients don’t necessarily always see the friction that banks are going through to get them set up. But it’s there. And so archway will certainly help remove a lot of that.

Whitney McDonald 2:53
And can you give us a little bit of insight as to what you’re going to talk through at the upcoming bank automation summit when it comes to approaching automation projects?

Dustin Hubbard 3:03
Yeah, so I’ll focus probably a lot about how do you take advantage of tools and technologies that you either currently have or need to have to pick the right tool for the job. And so as an example, take something like rpa, which is pretty popular, but rpa, like automation anywhere projects can be a little bit difficult to maintain. So automation should start with API’s as the first point of integration, when possible, and then follow the other tools when that’s not when that’s not available. So at the summit, I’m going to talk about some use cases that we did at weIfare. That really sped up automation sped up solutions by using automation, in many cases, completely eliminating manual processes that had been there for years.

Whitney McDonald 3:58
Great. Well, I know that I’m excited for the panel, wondering if you can share a little bit also about what you’re most looking forward to at the upcoming event.

Dustin Hubbard 4:08
For me, it’s hearing from other people in the industry, right? It’s an opportunity, especially as a software company to understand what are the pain points that people are facing? What are the emerging technologies that companies are interacting with? How can archway play a part of that? And so really, it’s just getting a good pulse of other people in the industry, making some new connections, and making sure that I’m tied down with all the latest sort of trends in terms of technologies and approaches banks are starting to take.

Whitney McDonald 4:44
You’ve been listening to a special edition of the buzz, a bank automation news podcast, please find us on LinkedIn and visit bank automation For more information on the upcoming bank automation Summit, which will take place March 2 and third at the Westin Charlotte, please Visit bank automation