Littlepay gets ‘Visa Ready for Transit’ certification

Transit payment gateway, Littlepay, is participating in the Visa Ready for Transit program that provides transit agencies with access to partners with market-leading solutions.

Littlepay offers transit agencies a platform that can connect to any card reader and integrate seamlessly with a range of banks, according to a press release. Using a tap-to-pay solution powered by Littlepay, riders can pay for their journeys with a contactless EMV card or digital wallet.

The company’s technology delivers seamless payment journeys, operational efficiencies, an effective debt-recovery process and insights into purchasing and traveling behavior. Littlepay’s system can be deployed within weeks so that agencies can offer passengers contactless payments sooner.

The trend toward contactless payments is gainig momentum due, in large part, to the coronavirus pandemic. Littlepay is working with 200 transport agencies and operators providing contactless payment processing.

“We are proud that Littlepay is now a Visa Ready for Transit certified solution. We look forward to being part of a collective effort to support transport operators’ needs as they work harder than ever to deliver safe, reliable and efficient services to their passengers,” Amin Shayan, Littlepay CEO, said in the release.