Mahalo Banking Launches Credential Assurance Technology to Combat Credential Stuffing,853&ssl=1#

  • Mahalo Banking launched a new solution to combat credential stuffing.
  • The new offering, Credential Assurance Technology (CAT), augments the sign-in process to make credential stuffing impossible.
  • Mahalo Banking won Best of Show in its Finovate debut last month at FinovateFall.

Mahalo Banking, a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) that took home Best of Show honors in its Finovate debut last month, has launched a new tool to fight credential stuffing. Mahalo’s Credential Assurance Technology (CAT) augments the traditional account sign-in process, disrupting bot functioning and rendering credential stuffing impossible. Importantly, the technology does not require the use of friction-creating methods such as CAPTCHAs.

“With CAT, credit unions can confidently safeguard member accounts and help prevent the attacks that come at a high cost,” Mahalo COO Denny Howell said. He referred to CAT as a result of Mahalo’s “unwavering commitment to producing innovations that address the all-too-common obstacles faced by credit unions to redefine the digital banking experience.”

In a study by the Identity Defined Security Alliance, 84% of respondents said their organizations had experienced a data breach, which often leads to compromised credentials. Cybercriminals can direct automated bots to use this data to hack login credentials  – such as those of credit union members.

“If your credit union has not been targeted yet, it’s just a matter of time,” Mahalo President and CEO Jim Stickley said. He noted that it was important that new security measures be as inobtrusive as they are effective. “It was important to use to create a solution that would resolve this issue without adding new barriers or disruption for credit union members,” Stickley said. “What we have created has simply changed the game. When our CAT solution is enabled, credential stuffing simply does not work.”

Founded in 2018, Mahalo made its Finovate debut last month at FinovateFall, earning Best of Show honors from our attendees. At the conference, Mahalo’s Howell and Chief Technology Officer Dan Domek demonstrated how the CUSO had integrated comprehensive neurodiverse functionality directly into its platform. This enables the platform to better serve members that may have unique needs due to autism, dyslexia, epilepsy, color-blindness, or other conditions.

In August, the Troy, Michigan-based fintech announced an expansion of its partnership with fellow Finovate alum Larky. That same month, Mahalo partnered with Providence Federal Credit Union to enhance both online and mobile banking experiences for the credit union’s 16,000+ members.

Photo by Toni Cuenca

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