Marqeta Introduces Embedded Credit Experiences,1707&ssl=1#

  • Marqeta launched a new credit card issuing platform to help brands offer embedded credit programs.
  • Using the new tool, fintechs and non-financial services companies can launch both consumer and commercial credit programs.
  • Marqeta’s new card program will allow brands to own the entire customer experience without having to send the customer to a bank website to access card information.

Card issuer Marqeta unveiled its new credit card issuing platform today. The new offering serves as a one-stop shop to help companies launch embedded card programs for both consumer and commercial users.

Marqeta’s new credit platform helps brands promote customer loyalty by enabling personalized rewards and can support any card type and any format. According to Marqeta CEO Simon Khalaf, the new platform will help brands “reimagine what a credit card can be” and engage with consumers “in a whole new way.”

As part of that reimagining, Marqeta’s new platform serves as a single location where fintechs and non-financial services companies can build a credit product that suits their consumers’ unique needs and embed the experiences within their existing app. Specifically, brands can own the entire customer experience and won’t need to send cardholders to a bank’s website to access card information.

The credit platform also provides a rewards engine that helps brands build reward programs that adapt to cardholder needs and preference. Additionally, Marqeta offers brands access to real-time customer data to help further customize cardholder products and– for commercial cardholders– provides a range of flexible funding models such as Net 30 Charge Cards, Receivables Purchase, and Revolving Credit.

“The possibility is huge,” Khalaf added, “but the incumbent solutions are simply not giving consumers what they need. We want our credit card platform to completely change the consumer experience and the brand loyalty equation.”

Today’s development comes courtesy of Marqeta’s January 2023 acquisition of Power Finance for $275 million. Power Finance was founded in 2021 to offer brands a credit card program management service. Power Finance’s platform allowed companies to outsource credit card management, customer experience, application decisioning, transaction processing, and more.

Founded in 2010, Marqeta enables clients to manage their own card programs and banking tools. The company offers configurable and flexible payment tools and customizes payment cards for their end customers. Marqeta is a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ under the ticker MQ. The company has a market capitalization of $2.83 billion.

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