Meet The Masters: A Peek at the Top Keynotes for FinovateFall 2022

With a little over a month to go before FinovateFall 2022 in New York City, our agenda for the autumn event is still being finalized. But there are a few highlights we can share with you this week to further whet your appetite for the fintech feast to come on September 12 through September 14. Today we’ll take a look at the mastermind keynote speakers we have scheduled for FinovateFall, each of whom was selected for their unique understanding of what’s driving innovation in financial technology today.

Day One will feature a Mastermind Keynote from Chris Cox, Chief Operating Officer of Apiture. Titled “Closing the Data Intelligence Gap”, Cox’s address will look at ways that financial institutions can better process and analyze available data while simultaneously (1) helping their businesses, (2) supporting their customers, and (3) maintaining regulatory compliance. Cox will examine ways that banks and credit unions can close the “expertise gap” that may be preventing them from innovating in the ways their customers want.

Before becoming COO of Apiture, Cox was General Manager of First Data’s digital banking business. He also led the mobile payment product development efforts at the company. He is a graduate of Miami University in Ohio, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, and of Duke University, where he earned an MBA.

Day Two will include a Mastermind Keynote from Claudio Cungi, Chief Product Officer, and Alice Menenti, Product Manager, both of Strands. Cungi and Menenti will present “Providing Actionable Insights to Create the Banking Platform of Tomorrow.” This address will review how enabling technologies have given banks the ability to dramatically increase the degree of personalization they can bring to their products and services. Cungi and Menenti will show how financial institutions can use the insights made available through more personalized engagement with customers to build better, more personalized business banking platforms

The final day of FinovateFall 2022 will feature a number of Mastermind Keynotes as part of our various tracks on Payments, AI, Customer Experience, Lending, Cryptocurrencies, and Digital Transformation. Among the day’s highlights are a discussion on the Consumer Financial Protection Board (CFPB) and its priorities for fintech in 2022 and beyond conducted by Thomas Ward, the organization’s current Enforcement Director. The day will also feature a presentation by Tiffany Kaminsky, co-founder and Chief Impact Officer for Symend titled “Upping the Ante: Using the Science of Decision-Making for Effective Customer Engagement.” This presentation will discuss the concepts of behavioral engagement and hyper-personalization and examines initiatives that financial institutions can take to integrate both into their current business strategies.

These are only a handful of the Master Keynotes scheduled for FinovateFall this year. For more information, visit our FinovateFall hub to learn more about our agenda, our speakers, and, of course, how to register today and save your spot at our upcoming fintech event. Pick up your ticket by Friday, August 12 and take advantage of big, early-bird savings!

Photo by Monica Silvestre