Mitek Launches Biometric ID Technology Combining Face and Voice Authentication
  • Mitek launched its new biometric authentication solution, MiPass, that leverages both voice and facial recognition.
  • The new technology provides advantages over both passwords and solutions that rely on on-device stored biometrics.
  • Mitek’s MiPass can be deployed in a range of use cases ranging from simple password resets to high-value transactions.

Could the end of passwords finally be at hand?

Identity verification innovator Mitek has launched a new solution designed to enable individuals to access digital accounts easily and securely by leveraging facial and voice recognition technology together. MiPass, unveiled today, offers a passwordless identity authentication solution that only requires a selfie and a recorded phrase to provide a level of convenience and security greater than that provided by authentication solutions based on face- or voice-recognition alone.

“MiPass provides the highest level of digital security available today,” Mitek CTO Steve Ritter said. “MiPass combines voice and face recognition using sophisticated liveness detection technology to defend against digital and deepfake attacks in real time.”

Using MiPass to authenticate digital identity also poses less risk than other solutions that rely on on-device stored biometrics, which Mitek states can be compromised, shared, or even overwritten. Additionally, MiPass’ algorithms have been tested against balanced and representative data sets to avoid bias. As such, the technology accurately authenticates users regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity. Mitek also offers a developer-friendly SDK to make it easy for companies to embed MiPass for use cases ranging from account information updates and password resets to high-risk financial transactions.

“Companies care about their customers’ trust and security more than anything,” Mitek Head of Product Chris Briggs said. “Mitek understands this. That’s why we focus all our attention on bringing products to market that enable trusted online access. People are most loyal to companies that offer both convenience and security. That’s where MiPass excels.”

A Finovate alum for more than a decade, Mitek most recently demonstrated its technology on the Finovate stage at FinovateFall 2017. In the years since then, the company has grown into a digital access leader trusted by 99% of U.S. banks for mobile check deposits and 7,500 of the world’s largest organizations.

Earlier this year, Mitek acquired fellow Finovate alum HooYu for $110 million (£‎98 million). The acquisition came a year after Mitek had purchased another fellow Finovate alum, ID R&D, for $49 million. This summer, the company reported record revenues for the fiscal third quarter, with a 24% year over year gain, and announced the launch of its Mitek Verified Identity Platform (MiVIP).

Headquartered in San Diego, California, and founded in 1985, Mitek is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ under the ticker MITK. The firm has a market capitalization of $456 million.

Photo by Nita