Moneythor Launches Wealth Management Engagement Solution
  • Digital banking solutions provider Moneythor launched a new engagement tool for wealth managers.
  • The new offering is designed to help wealth managers leverage client data to create more personalized experiences that help customers build their wealth.
  • Moneythor was a finalist in this year’s Finovate Awards in the “Best Fintech Partnership” category.

Moneythor, a Finovate Awards finalist this year in the “Best Fintech Partnership” category (in collaboration with Standard Chartered), unveiled a new tool for wealth managers this week. The offering is an add-on module to its data-driven personalization and digital engagement solution, and is designed to help wealth managers increase loyalty and NPS, as well as lower the costs and boosting revenues.

Moneythor’s digital engagement tool aggregates a sizable range of user data – from retail accounts and payment cards to lending products and investment portfolios, and more. This data is then processed by the Moneythor platform to generate and provide insights, recommendations, and alerts – at scale and in real-time. This gives customers the kind of contextual and actionable information they need in order to better manage and grow their finances. Customers can also take advantage of the configurable conduit to update their risk profile, compare their portfolio’s performance against model portfolios, as well as consider and incorporate investment advice.

“Adding the ability to deliver personalized experiences across investment journeys was a natural evolution of our solution aiming to address the needs of financial services customers across all segments including retail, SME and now wealth,” co-founder and CEO of Moneythor Olivier Berthier said. “We are excited by the interest we have seen from our clients and partners for these new features, and how important personalization and digital engagement are now to their wealth management strategies.”

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Singapore, Moneythor has spent the fall of 2022 inking partnerships with the likes of Trust Bank, a digital financial institution headquartered in Singapore, and Australia’s National Australia Bank (NAB). In May, Moneythor teamed up with Finovate alum Thought Machine, which selected Moneythor among the initial partners for its Integration Library, a suite of curated integrations that are interoperable with Thought Machine’s Vault Core. Moneythor began this year announcing collaborations with The Saudi Investment Bank (SAIB) and carbon footprint tracking company Cogo.

In addition to its Singapore headquarters, Moneythor maintains offices in Paris, Sydney, Dubai, and Tokyo. The company’s solutions are used by financial institutions around the world, including in developing markets such as Indonesia, India, and Malaysia.

Photo by Adhitya Andanu