MSIG Goes Digital With Fermion Merimen eClaims Integration

General insurer MSIG Singapore is to deploy the e-claims platform of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider Fermion Merimen in a large-scale overhaul of its claims management processes and workflows.

Fermion Merimen’s e-claims platform is to digitise MSIG’s end-to-end claims processes and is set to be integrated across fifty of its products and within ten of its insurance classes.

The unification of its system will allow MSIG to improve its claims processing across the entirety of its current portfolio, which includes both personal and commercial lines of business.

The insurer’s customers will benefit from a more digital-friendly experience, whilst internally, MSIG’s productivity, compliance control and customer satisfaction are also to become more streamlined.

MSIG is currently in the process of establishing a foundation for its AI-backed plug-and-play insurance technology system.

The digitalisation of its processes will enable MSIG to collect and analyse more structured data. As the Holy Grail of fintech resources, structured data will allow the insurer to build more sophisticated analytical tools; ultimately generating insights that will better assess risk and potentially prevent fraud.

“Working with Fermion has provided us with the expertise to implement technology solutions to enable our business success,” comments Sam Tan, senior vice president of claims services at MSIG Singapore.

“By shifting our claims operations to a digital-first approach, we are able to put our data to work and expand our competitive edge while delivering long-term value with the integration of environmentally sustainable practices.”

Sebastian Tan, country director, Fermion Merimen SingaporeSebastian Tan, country director, Fermion Merimen Singapore
Sebastian Tan

Sebastian Tan, country director, Fermion Merimen Singapore, shares: “Even the best technology requires a visionary to bring it to life. MSIG has continually challenged us with their pioneering ideas on ways to digitalise and innovate their processes.

“We are proud to have worked closely with MSIG during this project to push the boundary for claims innovation.”

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