On demand webinar: AI-powered coach bots: A new path to financial wellness


How helpful would it be to have a fun, virtual coach to help you conquer all your financial issues plus subtly remind you when you procrastinate and cheer when you meet a financial goal?

Non-profit GreenPath Financial Wellness, in partnership with eGain, a customer engagement automation platform provider, launched such a bot which was explained and demonstrated during a recent webinar, AI-powered coach bots: A new path to financial wellness. The webinar was sponsored by eGain and is free to download here.

During the webinar the speakers discussed how a customer’s financial decisions and responses to meeting these obligations can shift due to financial hardship and debt. Also discussed were key behavioral science principles that impact financial wellness and produces positive engagement that respond well to coaching.

Speakers for the webinar included Rick Bialobreski, executive vice president of strategy, GreenPath Financial Wellness and Evan Siegel, vice president of financial services and AI for eGain.

“Customers need financial advice,” Bialobrzeski said during the webinar. “It’s not really surprising that people are just getting by. These days people need retirement and investment counseling as well as day-to-day advice on how to improve cashflow and credit.”

“A customer can simply chat with the chat bot and the bot guides the customer in small steps to meet the financial goals the customer has selected as key challenges. The chat bot not only understands the customer’s words, but also the intent and uses machine learning to keep the project or goals task.

Bialobrzeski and Siegel also discussed on the webinar the latest trends in customer behaviors regarding investments, finance preferences and what impact the pandemic has on those behaviors.

An informative slide presentation was used during the webinar as well as an in-house demonstration of how the coaching bot actually worked. Attendees were given examples of how the bot was able to use machine learning to keep the user engaged.

Following the webinar, there was an interactive Q and A with attendees.

To download the webinar, click here.