OPAL IS Launches HSBC Integration With Life Insurance Protection Platform Through Square Health App


Fintech solutions developer OPAL IS, part of OPAL Group, has announced the integration of its Protection platform, Pandora, with digital health service provider Square Health for HSBC Life, which uses OPAL’s Pandora platform for its life products.

The bank has launched an HSBC-branded mobile app developed by Square Health that provides customers with additional physical and mental health benefits and the integration means that it will be fully synced with the Pandora platform. The service is open to any active HSBC Life protection policyholder and is accessible through the ‘HSBC Life Online Health Services App’ at no extra cost.

The services available to the customer once they have logged in to the app depends on the type of life insurance product the customer holds with HSBC Life and can be tailored to individual insurers’ or banks’ requirements.

“Value added products, especially around access to health services, have never been more relevant and the last few months have led to a huge uptake in a range of services such as digital GP consultations and mental health support,” said Steve Casey, Marketing Director of Square Health. “So, being able to deliver the best access to quality value-added Protection services is crucial and we’re confident we’ve delivered an excellent service that will give seamless digital integration between the app and the HSBC Protection platform.”

The six services offered through HSBC are:

  • Second Medical Opinion
  • Remote GP Consultations
  • Prescription Services
  • Physiotherapy to restore movement and function
  • Mental Health support with counsellors, therapists who specialise in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and psychologists
  • Health MOT testing the status of over 20 health markers.

Eoin Lyons, OPAL Group CEO, said: “The OPAL IS project team worked closely with both Square Health and HSBC to design and develop the app and API and ensure that an optimum fit and flexible solution was achieved for launch. OPAL’s Pandora system has been successfully supporting the sales and admin for the HSBC Life Protection product for over three years and the digital integration to a mobile app is the latest in a line of system enhancements.