Opera Browser Launches Payments Solution and Digital Wallet


Opera, one of the top internet browsers, announced a suite of in-browser cashback and payment tools for ecommerce. The release of the tools coincides with the launch of Dify, Opera’s new digital wallet.

Dify is a standalone mobile app that will enable users to open a Dify checking account and make purchases using a free, virtual Mastercard debit card. The account also features a special shopping mode, which protects users’ data while they shop by disabling third party extensions.

“Every day millions of people shop online and make their payments using Opera browsers,” said Opera EVP Browsers & EEA Fintech Krystian Kolondra. “Opera has a track record of growing audiences and then improving their experiences to make them more engaging. We think this is one of the highest-potential areas: With Dify, we are making the browser and a superior wallet work better, together, to improve users’ shopping experience and also make it financially rewarding.”

At launch, the main incentive to opening a Dify account is the cashback feature. Shoppers will receive cash back for purchases made on Opera’s partner websites accessed through its browser and will receive additional cashback on purchases made using their virtual Dify Mastercard.

Opera has a larger vision for Dify’s future, however. The company plans to enable more wallet services like savings management, credit products, investment opportunities, and instant cashback.

Dify is currently available to users in Spain in beta. Opera says it plans to expand to more European markets in the future.

Today’s launch follows a recent expansion of online shopping. According to research from J.P. Morgan, last year ecommerce activity reached $863 billion (€717 billion). The bank’s reports indicate that many countries in Europe will continue to have double-digit growth this year.

Photo by Gabriel Varaljay on Unsplash