PayRange introduces connected laundry room for multi-family housing

PayRange introduces connected laundry room for multi-family housing

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PayRange Inc., a network for everyday purchases, has introduced its Connected Laundry Room, elevating the experience for users of common-area laundry rooms located in multi-family housing, according to a press release. Features include the ability to remotely view machine availability, receive notifications on cycle completions and pay machines with a mobile phone or directly on the kiosk. This solution eliminates the need for expensive hardware and connectivity on each machine by leveraging a mesh-like Bluetooth network with a single point network connection within the laundry room.

“Deploying expensive legacy payment hardware on laundry machines today is like deploying pay phones on street corners,” Prashant Kanhere, chief technology officer of PayRange, said in the press release. “Mobile functionality and contactless payment is in very high demand. Consumers expect cashless payment on machines to encompass a digital-native experience with every interaction.”

In addition to safe, secure and touchless payment, PayRange also provides laundry users with digital solutions that help users improve their laundry experience. With the PayRange app, users can remotely view live machine availability to better plan when to head to the laundry room. The app is also able to notify users of time remaining and notify users via push notification of wash and dry cycle completions.

For the machine owners and property managers, the platform provides preventative maintenance information and error alerts, as well advanced options such as electronic, keyless door access to the laundry room via the PayRange app to improve security and streamline access to common areas.

The PayRange platform was designed from the ground up with technology empowering the delivery of many other experiences consumers seek today, such as:

  • Magnetic stripe, tap and pay, EMV chip and legacy coin acceptance capabilities.
  • Instantaneous consumer refunds.
  • Web portal for monitoring and real-time accountability of revenue.
  • Error code alerts and preventative maintenance scheduling.
  • Promotions and discounts.
  • Message board for property and community announcements.

Moreover, with a central kiosk in the room, the user can activate a machine without a smartphone and pay with a card directly at the kiosk.

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