Persistent Systems and ValidSoft Team Up to Enhance Voice Authentication

Software delivery company Persistent Systems and cybersecurity firm ValidSoft joined forces this week. The two are working together to develop a digital voice authentication solution that integrates into Persistent Systems’ banking solutions. The integration is built on ValidSoft’s Precision Voice Biometrics which continuously verifies a user’s identity.

“As always, the consumer experience is paramount and guaranteeing the integrity of the transaction is vital,” said ValidSoft CEO Pat Carroll. “Identity assurance provides users confidence in the fidelity of their transactions as speech becomes the new user interface of choice for the initiation of sensitive of high value transactions.”

Persistent Systems will use the new authentication technology to help its credit union and small and medium-sized bank clients engage with their customers.

Persistent Systems was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in India. At FinovateFall last year, the company demoed a chatbot functionality built into its Digital Bank in a Box. Along with AI technologies, Persistent Systems offers cloud services, identity products, and security tools.

ValidSoft offers a host of telecommunications security solutions suited for mobile devices. The company’s SMART platform provides voice and mobile network‐based security technologies to protect mobile payment and mobile banking transactions.