Pinoy OFWs Can Now Use Netbank’s Netizen Mobile Banking App in Malaysia and Philippines

Bringing forth the inception of a new era in financial inclusivity, Netbank launches Netizen Mobile Banking App as a “One-Stop-Banking Solution” for Pinoy OFWs in Malaysia and the Philippines.

With an exemplified commitment to address solutions to OFWs’ unique banking transactions, Netizen is developed to be easy, fast, and low-cost to allow Filipinos to conduct their transactions safely sans the hefty fees. As a neobank, Netizen offers the fulfillment of various financial transactions – all in their well-designed and user-friendly platform.

As Young Paul Raneses, head of Netizen NeoBanking, commends it as a man-leading nuclear and white-labelled banking app, “Netizen is set to become a leading player solutioning the common pain points faced by OFWs. OFWs already face a lot of predicaments and banking shouldn’t be one of them. By recognising these, Netizen is compelled to solve the prevailing issues and concerns of our Kababayans that are related to their financial transactions.”

Being remittance partner-Wise, OFWs can directly remit to their Netizen Account without the high fees. Users can transfer funds to their family’s bank accounts and e-wallets in the Philippines. Pay their family bills including their government contribution. OFWs can conduct mobile top-ups too. For cash in and cash out options, Netizen has partnered with Ayannah to cater to families and relatives that don’t have bank accounts and these features will be available this June 2022. To grow savings, they also offer time deposit products.  With a dedication to helping OFWs secure their financial future, Netizen also stands as a support system for Filipinos abroad by providing financial literacy, advice, tips, and guidance.

Investment, and sending money via cardless withdrawal are set to be launched soon. Moreover, users can look forward to Netizen’s medical features such as Personal Accident and Life Insurance. Clients can download the app through Android OS and will be available on IOS this coming Q3 of 2022. The Mobile Banking app is available in the Philippines and Malaysia and is soon to be launched in other countries. 

  • Francis is a junior journalist with a BA in Classical Civilization, he has a specialist interest in North and South America.