Revolut Adds Invoicing Capabilities for Business Banking Clients

Global financial services company Revolut added an invoice creation tool for its Revolut Business clients today. The added capability enables businesses to create, send, and reconcile invoices from within the Revolut app.

By using Revolut’s invoice tool, the fintech’s business banking clients are able to send their customers professional-looking invoices with customized branding. The tool also offers customers more payment options, including credit card, bank transfers, and Apple Pay. Once payment is made, the business receives the funds faster– directly into their Revolut Business account.

One of the biggest benefits of Revolut’s invoices is that it helps with heavy lifting on the administrative side of things. For example, businesses can use Revolut to monitor invoices and receive real-time tracking and notifications.

The new development comes on the heels of the company’s rollout of currency forward contracts in the U.K. that enables companies to set their fixed future FX rate online to help manage market risk. It also closely follows the launch of QR code payment capabilities for businesses. Both of these features make Revolut an increasingly robust option for companies seeking a banking option. As a result, the Revolut app is even more sticky for business users.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels