Revolut launches new version of financial super app

Revolut launches new version of financial super app

Revolut is offering the latest version, 7.0, of its financial banking app, which provides updates the challenger bank says will create a super app for users, according to a press release. 

The updated app splits the interface into a Home tab and a Wealth tab. The Home tab includes all Revolut and open banking accounts, while the Wealth tab includes stocks, crypto, commodities and vaults. 

Customers can get daily interest paid into their savings vault, or put away cash as part of a group vault. Revolut said it is making investing easier with trading access to global companies, cryptocurrencies and commodities starting for as little as a $1.

The app’s rewards feature offers a series of curated cashback offers.

Revolut plans to launch several products in different markets, and will offer more personalization and a way for customers to better manage subscriptions.

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