Roger Launches to Help New Military Recruits Enlist in a Modern Banking Experience

  • Citizens Bank of Edmond is launching Roger, a new digital bank.
  • Roger is geared to serve military service members and their families.
  • Nymbus is powering the new digital bank.

Citizens Bank of Edmond is launching its new digital bank today. Roger, the new digital-first bank, aims to offer tailored banking services to meet the needs of military service members, their families, and their supporters.

“Our vision is crystal clear,” the bank announced on LinkedIn, “to mobilize financial resources that lay the foundation for unshakeable financial strength and future prosperity for every newly enlisted service member.”

Citizens Bank of Edmond CEO Jill Castilla launched Roger because, as a new military recruit 30 years ago, she couldn’t find a bank designed to meet her needs. “When I enlisted at 19, I had little access to my bank accounts and financial tools,” she explained. Castilla went on to lead Citizens Bank of Edmond, a bank founded in 1901 that now boasts $375 million in assets.

To suit its niche set of users, Roger offers a military-friendly direct deposit form and enables recruits to access their earned funds up to two days faster. Additionally, the Visa debit card is accepted at Armed Forces Financial Network terminals located at U.S. military bases worldwide. Users can also set up savings plans and round-up their transactions to contribute to accounts.

In a unique twist on the round-up savings feature, Roger will match users’ savings. For the first 90 days after opening their account, Roger will match 100% of round-ups, up to $100. After that period, Roger will match 15% of round-ups, up to $20 per month. The round up matching feature restarts every 30 days.

In addition to Citizens Bank of Edmond, which is behind the launch of Roger, the bank is leveraging banking technology provider Nymbus to power the digital banking experience. “We’re extremely proud to partner with Citizens Bank of Edmond on this essential niche bank for the military community,” said Nymbus Chairman and CEO Jeffery Kendall. “With Jill’s leadership and vision, we aim to deliver special-purpose products to help military service members succeed.”

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