Saudi National Bank Adopts New Identity Following Merger

Saudi National Bank (SNB) has announced the launch of its new logo and brand identity, which embodies the Bank’s ambitious vision for the future. 

The announcement of the Bank’s new logo and brand identity, along with its revised slogan – “Together, we build tomorrow” – follows the successful execution of Saudi Arabia’s largest merger; which took place between the National Commercial Bank and Samba Financial Group. The Bank’s new identity signifies a fresh beginning for the merged bank’s local and regional competitiveness; which is in keeping with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 programme.

The completion of the landmark merger between National Commercial Bank and Samba Financial Group was announced on April 1, 2021 and coincides with the official launch of the new flagship bank under the name of Saudi National Bank. Headquarters have been established in Riyadh and services initiated under the newfound structure to bring the best opportunities to the Saudi economy and its people. 

The new logo reflects the Bank’s financial stability, as well as its aspirations towards the future, and signifies the Bank’s prominent position across the local and regional banking sector. The Bank has begun to integrate the new logo throughout its marketing and media materials and on display at its branches across the Kingdom.

Ammar Abdul Wahed Al Khudairy, Chairman of Saudi National Bank, stated that the launch of a new brand identity symbolised the completion of the historic merger and the establishment of a financial champion with regional financial influence. 

He comments “The new, evolving Saudi Arabia requires a new kind of bank – one rooted in national heritage, with a modern vision for the future, and with the scale, prowess, and expertise to deliver on it. The Kingdom requires a bank at the forefront of technology and a pioneer in the adoption of new high-tech that offers an intuitive, user-first customer experience.” 

“Saudi National Bank is that bank,” continues Ammar, “and this is a progression of our journey towards becoming the nation’s premier bank by providing valuable opportunities for Saudi Arabia’s economy and community and enhancing the Kingdom’s position across the global stage. The creation of a progressive financial institution and regional financial powerhouse will notably enhance Saudi Arabia’s social and economic development.” 

Saeed bin Mohammed Al-Ghamdi, Managing Director and CEO, Saudi National BankSaeed bin Mohammed Al-Ghamdi, Managing Director and CEO, Saudi National Bank
Saeed bin Mohammed Al-Ghamdi, Managing Director and CEO, Saudi National Bank

Commenting on the new brand identity, Saeed bin Mohammed Al-Ghamdi, Managing Director and CEO of Saudi National Bank, said “SNB will contribute greatly to the growth of the Kingdom’s banking sector and progress the aspirations of the nation’s ambitious Vision 2030. Our own ambitions are built on the Bank’s introduction of an advanced set of digital solutions, products, and services that aid in our financing of mega projects, small and medium-sized enterprises, and in enabling access to housing ownership. This is all underpinned by an expert, diverse team unique to SNB. Our new brand will help bring all we do to life.”

He added “Our foremost priority is to take our customer experience to new heights of excellence and provide convenient, swift, and seamless services.”

Al-Ghamdi said that SNB’s focus during the coming period will be to ensure a seamless transition for customers of both banks to the merged entity, as well as unifying the banks’ separate systems. He added that despite the completion of the legal merger between NCB and Samba, both banks will continue to operate separately until the full integration is complete. 

Customers should continue to liaise with their current bank, where banking services will proceed as usual. The bank will communicate any updates to products, services, or procedures that customers must take well in advance. 

The Bank is also launching a large-scale promotional campaign around the reveal of its new brand strategy and identity, aimed at unifying SNB’s communications under the slogan “Together, we build tomorrow”

Saudi National Bank is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s largest financial institution, with over SAR 896 billion ($239 billion) 1 in total assets, SAR 127 billion ($34 billion) 1 in shareholders’ equity. The Bank obtains a robust liquidity and capital position that enables it to act as a conduit for inflow and outflow of capital, thus contributing to the realisation of Vision 2030. 

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