Searching for Mana: “All You Need is Curve” | Shachar Bialick, Curve

Shachar Bialick (Founder and CEO of Curve) joins Lloyd Wahed to discuss how Curve helps its users consolidate multiple cards, and even allowing them to switch pre-COVID-19 purchases back onto a different card in 2020, and what it takes to build one of the UK’s fastest-growing Fintech firms.

And he should know. With his background in computer science and special forces in the military, Shachar has co-founded innovative digital challengers since 2001. He later took on an MBA at INSEAD, and joined a then-10-person startup as Head of Product in London. In 2015, he founded Curve, which simplifies personal finances with a single bank card for multiple accounts from different providers. In 2019, Curve has smashed Crowdcube – the world’s leading equity crowdfunding platform – records after raising £4million within 42 minutes. Almost 10,000 people backed Curve, reaching the highest number of investors in a raise on Crowdcube.

In this episode, Shachar and Lloyd talk about Shachar’s path from a military soldier to founder at Europe’s fastest-growing fintech, as well as the importance of patience and the right employee culture. 

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 Episode Highlights:

02:37: Curve is going crowdfunding again

08:32: Explaining the convergence and rebundling

13:05: What Formula 1 car do you need to build for fintech?

21:45: From a soldier to an entrepreneur

30:10: Is it worth taking an MBA?

39:10: Growing the team of 400 employees

52:10: Shooting for the stars

1:00:00: Bonus Story: How Curve successfully migrated away from Wirecard after the outage in less than 60 hours and over the weekend.