Searching for Mana: Powering Fintechs Behind the Scenes | Myles Stephenson, Modulr

Myles Stephenson (Founder & CEO, Modulr) sits down with Lloyd to talk about how his company provides payments infrastructure to the likes of Revolut, Sage, Liberis, iwoca or Salary Finance, enabling them to efficiently automate and embed payments transactions.

After receiving a biochemistry degree at University of Oxford, Myles developed his expertise in finance and retail building up the charge and credit facility for Marks and Spences in London and Ireland. In the midst of the financial crisis in 2008, he founded CorporatePay offering pre-paid card programs for corporates, turned into supplier payments and supplier disbursement platform. Fast forward to 2016, Myles founded Modulr, backed by Blenheim Chalcot that powers leading Fintech companies with API payments infrastructure. To date, an excess of over 70 billion pounds worth of value has been transacted on the Modulr platform.

In this episode, Lloyd and Myles discuss the ways Modulr support other fintechs to build out new products, lend to SMEs, or access multiple payment methods before outlining the benefits of automated B2B payment flows. Later they delve into Myles’s entrepreneurial experience and learn about his Mana!

Episode Highlights:

03:22: How Modulr enables access for businesses into the payment systems?

15:31: Journey to Profit

17:47: Processing 4 billion GBP monthly

19:03: Journey to entrepreneurship

30:11: Setting up a fintech company  in 2008

37:39: More than open finance

43:38: Universities and fintech partnerships

58:15: Myles Mana