SolidBlock to List $150 Million Real-Estate Security Tokens on the INX Securities Trading Platform

SolidBlock and INX Ltd. have announced plans to list SolidBlock’s real estate-based security tokens on the INX securities trading platform. The listing will provide SolidBlock with high accessibility to global investors and traders, all-year 24/7 trading, real-time cap table management with visibility, and regulatory transparency, along with the ability to automate dividend distribution to SolidBlock investors.

Each listed token class will be backed by either a single property or a collection of properties from SolidBlock’s exclusive portfolio of real estate assets, including:

  • London, England – Flexible investment in prime residential London-area real estate (rolling fund; market value – up to $26 million.)
  • Phuket, Thailand – Expanding a luxury resort destination in one of Asia’s hottest destinations (market value – $12 milion.)
  • New Haven, CT – Remodeling and conversion of a historic property in this Ivy League US town (market value – $5 million.)

According to INX Founder and President Shy Datika, “Collaborating with SolidBlock to introduce real estate asset-backed digital securities to a wider audience will empower both of our companies to realise our shared vision of making this asset class more accessible to investors.”

SolidBlock pioneered the field of tokenisation, spearheading the world’s first successful commercial real estate security token offering (STO), raising $18M for the Aspen St. Regis Resort in 2018.

Now, SolidBlock-issued real estate tokens open up unprecedented access for INX security token platform investors to exclusive real estate previously off-limits to the general public.

“We support INX’s commitment to operate a fully-regulated digital securities trading platform with SEC, FINRA, and other approvals,” said SolidBlock CMO Yael Tamar. “We like that they work with regulators and have built their platform from the ground up with regulatory compliance in mind.”

The INX team and Advisory Board includes former NASDAQ Vice Chairman David Weild, and other former top executives of numerous mainstream financial institutions, alongside traditional capital market veterans and blockchain experts.

SolidBlock has been working hand-in-hand with industry experts and financial institutions, alone and as part of the Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise (FIBREE), the international industry consortium for consistency and regulation in blockchain-based real estate investment. Its board includes experts and senior advisors in the field of international regulation, taxation, real estate valuation, and more.