Southwest grocer Homeland deploys Toshiba self-checkout solutions

Southwest grocer Homeland deploys Toshiba self-checkout solutions

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Homeland, an Oklahoma City-based grocer serving the Southwest, has begun deploying Toshiba’s latest point-of-sale and self-checkout systems, according to a press release.   

Homeland locations deploying Toshiba’s System 7 offer four open lanes throughout the day, providing multiple checkout options and faster checkout times. Toshiba’s self-service checkout option also provides Homeland customers a low-touch checkout option to ensure safe social distancing during the current COVID-19 pandemic while allowing store personnel to focus on other essential tasks. 
“Implementing Toshiba’s POS and self-checkout systems in our stores is definitively improving our shopping experience,” Homeland Vice President of IT Chris Smith said in the press release. “Whether completing transactions through self-checkout or via traditional lanes, our customers appreciate the convenience and simplicity Toshiba has made possible.” 
Toshiba partner TRUNO Retail Technology Solutions is scheduled to install Toshiba’s SurePoint 4820 POS touchscreens within a year. This technology solution will enable store personnel to input transactions more intuitively. TRUNO is also responsible for servicing Toshiba’s POS and self-checkout systems within Homeland’s Texas and Oklahoma locations.  
“Toshiba is thrilled with the opportunity to work alongside TRUNO to design, engineer and implement a retail solution to simplify and improve the shopping journey for Homeland’s customers,” Bill Campbell, Toshiba global commerce solutions senior vice president and head of global sales, said in the press release. 

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