Start Me Up: New Finovate Program Embraces Fintech’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

One of the big additions to FinovateEurope (February 11-13) this year is a new initiative designed especially for fintech startups. Finovate Research caught up with Greg Palmer, Finovate Vice President, to discuss the new program, how it came to be, and what impact he hopes it will make on the broader fintech community.

Since its founding, Finovate has been synonymous with new financial innovation. But the idea has always been that you’ll take innovation wherever you find it – whether it comes from new companies or incumbents. Now Finovate is going all in new companies, fintech startups exclusively, with this new program. What’s the thinking behind it?

Greg Palmer: Finovate is still very much about taking innovation wherever it happens to come from, whether that’s from new startups, established industry behemoths, or anywhere in between, but we know it’s difficult for early-stage startups to get traction, and so we wanted to give them a little extra attention with this program. When it comes to getting a demo slot on stage, we’ll continue to look at the quality of technology first and foremost, rather than the age or revenue of the company behind it; the Startup Booster is really about giving early-stage companies some insights and connections to help them get to the point where they’re ready to stand up in front of large numbers of people and fly their flag.

What are the components of the program? What will the startup companies actually do?

Palmer: We’re still in the first iteration, so this will likely continue to evolve as the program grows, but there are really three primary components to it. The first is that we’ll be offering a dedicated track onsite at our events with information that is specifically relevant to new startups. In that track, we’ll cover things like how to scale up, how to put together a convincing pitch, etc. We’ll follow up that informational session with a condensed networking session, giving attendees a chance to connect with early stage companies and learn about what they do. Finally, we’ll continue to follow up with the companies that participate after the events, with a series of webinars and learnings, so the program doesn’t end just because the event is over.

What do you hope companies participating in the program will gain from it? How do you think it will help the fintech community as a whole?

Palmer: The first thing that companies will gain from it is pretty simple – they’ll be able to come into Finovate for a substantially reduced rate, giving them a chance to see and hear it all for themselves. Beyond that, we want the companies who participate to leave with a greater understanding of what they need to do to grow to the next level along with some connections that can help get them where they want to go.

From my perspective, the industry as a whole needs to have these startups pushing the incumbents, or else the speed of innovation will slow down. Challengers play a vital role in keeping everyone else honest, and fintech has grown into what it is today because new companies have come in and pushed hard for changes. If we can help give those startups the tools and connections they need to grow, the industry as a whole should be better off for it.

Where do you hope this goes in the near future? Will there be a startup program like this for all Finovate events going forward?

Palmer: We’ve already got the Startup Booster in place for FinovateEurope and FinovateSpring, and we’ll be setting it up for FinovateAsia and FinovateFall too. Our first goal is simply to get as many companies as possible involved, and from there we want to start engaging with the group to see where we can be helpful to them. Big picture, we want to put these companies in the position where they can come back to Finovate as demoing companies and do well up there on the big stage. If we’re able to help companies get there, it’s a win for everybody – our audience will keep getting to see new, cool companies, the companies themselves will be able to show the entire audience what they can do, and we’ll get to keep being a place where the fintech ecosystem comes to connect with each other.

For more information about the Finovate Startup Booster program, e-mail us at

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