Stripe’s Newest Buy Makes Inroads to Africa

Stripe has been partnered with Nigeria-based Paystack for quite some time, even leading Paystack’s Series A financing round in 2018. Today Stipe unveiled it is taking things a step further.

The San Francisco-based company has agreed to acquire Paystack for an undisclosed amount. Additional terms of the deal were not disclosed but Stripe made it clear that Paystack will operate independently, growing its operations in Africa and adding more international payment methods.

“This acquisition will give Paystack resources to develop new products, support more businesses and consolidate the hyper-fragmented African payments market,” said Matt Henderson, Stripe’s business lead in EMEA. “We can’t wait to see what they will build next and how their growth can turbocharge the African tech ecosystem.”

In the video below (which is well-worth watching) Paystack Co-founder and CEO Shola Akinlade describes how the company got its start and why it chose to align with Stripe.

Stripe will eventually embed Paystack’s capabilities into its Global Payments and Treasury Network (GPTN), a platform that moves money across 42 countries.

Paystack, which counts 60,000 business clients and processes more than half of all online transactions in Nigeria, plans to expand across Africa. The company recently launched a pilot with businesses in South Africa.

As for Stripe, today’s move furthers its geographic expansion efforts that have been on the rise as of late. In the past year-and-a-half the company has added 17 countries to its platform. Stripe Co-founder and CEO Patrick Collison told TechCrunch that there is “enormous opportunity” in Africa. “In absolute numbers, Africa may be smaller right now than other regions, but online commerce will grow about 30% every year. And even with wider global declines, online shoppers are growing twice as fast. Stripe thinks on a longer time horizon than others because we are an infrastructure company. We are thinking of what the world will look like in 2040 to 2050.”

Stripe recently closed a $600 million round of funding and is valued at $36 billion.

Photo by Matt Artz on Unsplash