Suze Orman’s New Startup SecureSave Raises $11 Million for its Workplace Emergency Savings Account
  • SecureSave raised $11 million in strategic funding this week, taking its total capital raised to $1.7 million.
  • The Kirkland, Washington-based company offers workplace-based emergency savings accounts.
  • SecureSave made its Finovate debut last year at FinovateSpring.

SecureSave, a new workplace savings program provider that made its Finovate debut last year at FinovateSpring 2021, has secured $11 million in a strategic funding round led by Truist Ventures. Truist Ventures is the venture capital division of Truist Financial. Also participating in the round were Stearns Financial Services Inc. and cryptocurrency platform FTX.

The investment brings SecureSave’s total capital to $14.7 million. The new capital will be used to support partnership expansion as well as further development of the company’s flagship emergency savings solution.

“This new investment is a reflection of the rapid adoption and incredible customer demand we’re seeing for SecureSave’s unique emergency savings platform and underscores the industry and investor confidence in our vision,” SecureSave CEO and co-founder Devin Miller said. “Amidst the economic uncertainty over the last two years, companies both large and small recognize (that) an ESA is as critical as an 401(k) or an HSA and not just for retention or for recruiting, but also because poor financial health is impacting companies’ bottom line.”

Headquartered in Kirkland, Washington, and founded in 2020, SecureSave offers a new type of workplace savings program that helps workers build and maintain an emergency savings account. Emergency savings accounts are funded automatically through regular payroll deductions – as well as matching contributions from the employer – and ESA holders can instantly access their funds at any time. SecureSave’s ESA also offers bonuses to accountholders for reaching financial goals and savings targets. The company reported that the average SecureSave accountholder saves $103 per month in their account and tops $400 in savings within the first four month of opening their ESA.

“While the pandemic demonstrated why an emergency savings account was a necessity, the impact of the current inflationary environment is having on employees is bringing home this point even more,” SecureSave Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder Suze Orman said. “I could not be more proud for SecureSave to better meet the needs of those in financial distress by offering an employer matched emergency savings account.”

Photo by Joslyn Pickens