Swedbank and Meniga Partner to Launch Digital Banking Solution to Increase Customer Engagement


Meniga a provider of AI-driven digital banking
solutions, has partnered with Swedbank, a bank in
the home markets of Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, to
launch new services to increase customer engagement.

The new digital banking solution, now live within all of
Swedbank’s markets in Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, is
the first product to stem from Meniga’s partnership with
Swedbank. Utilising Meniga’s data-driven
digital banking
technology, the Internet Bank and mobile bank
app has been developed to boost customer engagement and improve the
overall digital user experience of Swedbank’s customers.

The new functionalities, which are driven by personalised
banking data, will offer an easy-to-use and secure solution for
everyday banking, helping users to better understand and take
control of their finances

Georg Ludviksson, CEO & co-founder of
Meniga, said: “We are very excited to have established this great
partnership with one of the most reputable financial institutions
in the Nordics, which takes us another step closer to strengthening
our position as the leading provider of digital banking solutions
across Europe and beyond. Meniga has been working meticulously with
Swedbank to develop a first-class personal finance management
solution with an innovative, engaging and intuitive interface,
which will ensure the best possible user experience for its
customers. We are delighted to be able to support Swedbank with
these services, which we are confident will help millions of
potential new customers across the Nordics and Baltics better
manage their finances and take control of their own financial

The solution relies on Meniga’s platform for the
categorisation and enrichment of all transaction data and account
history. This provides Swedbank customers with a more immersive and
interactive experience, granting them access to real-time data on
their spending behaviour while maintaining high customer data

The new services strengthen Swedbank’s digital channels as an
everyday financial advisor for its users, with added functionality

  • Personalised insights & reports
  • User friendly budgeting & financial planning
  • Dynamic google-like search for specific transactions
  • A new mobile bank app start page offering a personalized
    at-a-glance overview of a customer’s financial life
  • Swedbank’s new digital banking solution is free-to-use and
    available via the App Store and Google Play.

Lotta Lovén, Head of Digital Banking & IT
and CIO, Swedbank said: “We chose Meniga as a strategic partner
with innovation capabilities and a broad experience in creating
digital customer engagement to support Swedbank in taking the next
step in personalized digital services. Key to behaviour-based
services is the customers’ trust that underlying data integrity
and consistency remains intact, which has been a focus throughout
our collaboration, and I am very happy with the end result. We now
look forward to continue building on the foundation we jointly have

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Swedbank and Meniga Partner to Launch Digital Banking Solution to
Increase Customer Engagement
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