Talking Best of Show with Greg Palmer and the Finovate Podcast – On Video!

Join Finovate VP and Host of the Finovate Podcast Greg Palmer as he shares his video conversations with Finovate Best of Show winning companies.

Greg Palmer talks with Sylvain Forté, CEO and co-founder of SeSAMm, which won Best of Show honors at FinovateEurope 2022. Demo video.

“We are an AI company focused on analyzing billions of articles and messages from the web in real -time using a technology called Natural Language Processing (NLP). We basically process text data and we derive insights that are consumed by financial professionals and corporates. We have the ability to screen an enormous, 20 billion articles and messages and to detect things like environmental, social, and governance risks; early warnings; analyzing competitors; measuring sentiment on companies and on concept.”

Greg Palmer chats with Tamás Braun, International Sales Director with FinovateEurope 2022 Best of Show winner, Finshape. Demo video.

“Finshape is a new brand in the digital banking market. It has come about with the merger of two companies: BSC (Banking Software Company) and W.UP. With the combined force of these two companies, Finshape now has about 700 people with a hundred banking clients across the globe as clients and partners across four continents. We’re very proud to have built this digital powerhouse and we’re looking to do a lot more in shaping the future of digital banking.”

Stay tuned for more videos from Greg Palmer and the Finovate Podcast’s Conversations with Best of Show winners.

Photo by Donald Tong