The Clearing House raises real-time payments maximum to $100,000

The Clearing House is quadrupling the maximum limit on the RTP network to $100,000. The increase, which starts Feb. 1, is due to increased participation and transaction volume going over the network, according to the company that said B2B customers and financial institutions wil benefit from the change. 

“Increasing the transaction value limit to $100,000 is the next logical step for the growing RTP Network,” Steve Ledford, senior vice president of product strategy & development at The Clearing House, said in a company release. “Businesses and consumers often want to send higher value payments and the $100,000 limit helps address their needs.”

Depository institutions will be required to accept payments with the higher limits, however individuals may set lower limitations on payments they send.

Topics: Mobile Banking, Mobile Payments, Money Transfer / P2P

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