The Conversation Continues: Greg Palmer and the Finovate Podcast with FV Bank, Daylight, Microsoft and More!

In addition to hosting the biggest FinovateFall to date, Finovate VP Greg Palmer has spent the month of September talking with some of the most interesting achievers in fintech. From CEOs of digital banks to entrepreneurs working to bring about greater financial inclusion, Greg Palmer’s Finovate Podcast is a great way to meet the people who are driving innovation in our industry.

Below is a rundown of recent episodes from late August through September.

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Finovate Podcast host Greg Palmer sits down with Miles Paschini to discuss FV Bank’s mission to serve fintechs and bring new technologies to the mainstream. Episode 147.

“The regulated segment of the industry was not matching up to the creator side of the industry … FV stands for Fintech Ventures Bank and the purpose of developing FV Bank was so that we could create a regulated banking environment where fintech creators would have a place to work with people who were really there to help them grow their business as opposed to keep(ing) them out.”

Suneera Madhani of Stax Payments and Greg Palmer talk about the challenges of building a more inclusive fintech ecosystem. Episode 146.

“I learned very quickly that men are actually given investment for their potential, while women are given investment for what they’ve done. That’s definitely been one of my biggest lessons. And the stats are also horrendous. You know, we’re in 2022 and less than 3% of the venture capital still just goes to women in general, less than 1% to minorities.”

Greg Palmer talks about the power of partnerships to help bring financial services to the unbanked and underbanked with Microsoft’s Roman Chwyl and Helix’s Paul Walker. Episode 145.

“Currently we’re helping several brands together, like Acorns, Credit Karma, Gusto … These are all brands that have real scale and are focused on (underserved) segments. One of my key goals today is just to make real impact and change, and (talk about) how Helix and Microsoft can share our partnership story and work with other companies out there looking to do the same.”

Brad Oberwager of Linden Lab discusses virtual worlds and virtual economies with podcast host Greg Palmer. Episode 144.

“Linden Lab was started a long time ago, and is actually the parent company of Second Life, which is the sort of OG metaverse. You’ve heard a lot of talk about the metaverse and virtual worlds. Second Life was the first one that really created an economy … A guy named Philip Rosedale, who happens to be one of my closest friends, came up with the idea. Building a virtual world.”

Billie Simmons of LGBTQ-supporting digital bank Daylight and Finovate podcast host Greg Palmer talk about supporting customers and enabling them to live their best lives. Episode 143.

“It’s an incredibly expensive, time-consuming, potentially dangerous process to get your name and gender updated across all of your banking services. You have to go to court. You have to get documents notarized. You have to out yourself multiple times as trans … I just realized through talking about these things that we can do so much better. That’s really how Daylight was born.”

Photo by SplitShire