The Conversation Continues: Greg Palmer and the Finovate Podcast’s Summer Series

Greg Palmer’s Finovate Podcast continues to be the source of many of fintech’s most compelling conversations.

From discussions with innovation experts to deep dives with veterans of the VC world, the Finovate Podcast is a great way to learn about the trends that fintech enthusiasts are most enthusiastic about.

Here’s a rundown of recent episodes you might have missed over the summer.

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Michael Butler, President and CEO, Grasshopper Bank

Finovate Podcast host Greg Palmer talks with Grasshopper Bank President and CEO Michael Butler on surviving and thriving as a neobank, and lessons for the broader fintech ecosystem. Episode 142.

“(Grasshopper) is a company that is focused on providing digital financial solutions to the business and innovation economy, mainly SMBs that are focused on technology and are technophiles by nature. We think there’s a big demand pull that has been coming for some time in the business side, and we think it’s the next great place for disruption from a digital banking perspective.”

Tony Ulwick, Creator, the Outcome-Driven Innovation Process

Greg Palmer introduces Tony Ulwick, founder and CEO of Strategn and creator of the Outcome Driven Innovation process, to Finovate audiences in this podcast conversation. Ulwick explains the importance of focusing on innovation that matters and successfully bringing new ideas to the market. Episode 141.

“I thought: if we just knew the metrics they were going to use to judge the value of our product a year and a half ago when we started developing it, we could just design the product to meet those metrics and we’d win in the marketplace. It sounds simple enough. But the (next) thought was: what are those metrics? How can we capture them? Do they exist?”

Tiffani Montez, Principal Analyst, Insider Intelligence

Podcast host Greg Palmer talks with Tiffani Montez, Principal Analyst with Insider Intelligence. In their conversation, Montez discusses strategies for keeping customers happy in times of economic uncertainty – and finding opportunity in challenging times. Episode 140.

“How do you safeguard consumer trust? We know that digital trust is the confidence that consumers place in their bank’s digital channels. And they have a prime opportunity to build this up as a commodity. We know over the last year the largest U.S. banks have come to aid in a time of pandemic related crisis. And customers have repaid that flexibility with greater trust in their primary financial institutions.”

Zach Noorani, Partner, Foundation Capital

Greg Palmer and Zack Noorani, Partner with Foundation Capital, talk about neobanks – the what, the why, and the what happens next. Episode 139.

“I would be remiss not to say that I struggle with startup nomenclature like this (neobank). These organisms evolve so quickly. Terms like “neobank” – at first they seem grandiose, way beyond what the businesses actually are. And then, before you know it, the end up feeling overly narrow and constricting.”

Photo by Pixaba