The Early Bird Gets the Demo Discount

Demo your latest fintech, finserv, or techfin innovation in front of 1000+ senior decision-makers. Apply by Friday, November 4 and save big on the demo fee. 

For FinovateEurope 2023 (March 14-15, London), we’re selecting ~60 startup, established and public companies to demo over the first day of the event, March 14. And while time on the main stage is at the crux of the demo package, the rest of the demo experience has been carefully curated to give selected companies the best ROI:

  • Influential audience – demo in front of hundreds of high-quality attendees, including FI executives, fintech and tech giants, venture capitalists, industry press and analysts, and entrepreneurs.
  • 7-minutes demos – get the audience’s undivided attention and show them exactly what you can do. All demos are on the main stage, and there are no other sessions competing for attention.
  • Frequent and strategic networking breaks – capitalize on the energy and momentum generated during your demo to connect with attendees and set up meetings through our proprietary networking app.
  • Plug and play stands – generate leads at your dedicated stand (table, monitor, power, and signage included).
  • Demo videos – use your professionally edited video as a unique sales and marketing tool. Plus year over year, demoing companies have told us they receive business from companies seeing their video on
  • Fandom – stay in the news. We follow you for the rest of time and share your product launches, capital raised, awards earned, acquisitions and expansions made to our hundreds of thousands of followers.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the online demo benefits and pricing, submit the (completely confidential) application. As always, applying is completely free. And companies applying by this Friday, November 4 will save $2,000-6,000 on regular pricing when selected to demo.

Not ready to demo yet? Join our Startup Booster Program.

On 15 March, early-stage startups have two hours to network with a room full of investors from across the UK and Europe. And before that, attendees will hear from successful founders, investment insights, tips on how to land your first bank customer, and more. 

On top of this, startups have access to all event content, networking, and meetings for just £600. Learn more.