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This Week in Fintech ending 28 May 2020

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Your Editor is Bernard Lunn. He
is also the CEO of Daily Fintech and author of The
Blockchain Economy
and occasional opinion columnist.

Monday Ilias Hatzis our
Greece-based crypto entrepreneur (Founder & CEO at Mercato
Blockchain Corporation AG and Weekly Columnist at Daily Fintech)
@iliashatzis wrote

Why Crypto needs robo-advisors?

Robotization coupled with artificial intelligence
(AI) are reshaping every aspect of our lives. When we hear the term
“robo-advisorâ€, our imagination is filled with images from
science-fiction movies. But when we refer to robo-advisors, we mean
things like bots, virtual robots or algorithms that automate
different tasks. Robo-advisors grew out of the ashes of the 2008
financial crisis. Robo-advisors gained traction when people lost
faith in traditional financial advisors and were looking for
alternatives with lower fees. Startups like Betterment and
Wealthfront were among the first to fill this void over a decade
ago. They offered algorithm-driven financial planning services with
little to no human supervision. If fintech wasn’t already
disrupting the financial services industry, adding AI to the
equation is an even bigger game-changer for finance across the
globe. The cryptocurrency market needs robo-advisors to simplify
investing and achieve widespread adoption.

Editor note: Robo Advisers in the legacy world is
already a scale game with some existing dominant players. Robo
Advisers in the crypto world is still a frontier market space
without dominant players.


Tuesday Efi Pylarinou
@efipm our Swiss-based
Fintech Adviser,  founder of Efi Pylarinou Advisory and a Fintech/Blockchain
influencer â€“ No.3 influencer in the finance sector by Refinitiv Global
Social Media 2019
Alternative Data gained more trust and ML algorithms got good

The conversation around the interaction between data, algorithms
and humans is evolving.

Once again, A crisis like no other!

The COVID19 induced crisis of course, provides us with more data
and experience on the topic of data, algorithms, investing etc.

Once again, A crisis like no other, is actually the title
of an
AQR article
at the end of March. The 20+yrs old quant king has
suffered after a very difficult 2018 (the so-called Red October)
which led to large outflows and over 1000 layoffs-  Investors
pull billions from quant king AQR as performance slumps –
Financial News

There has never been a better time to bring up the conversation
on whether Data (fundamental, conventional and alternative) made a
difference during this crisis. Did algorithms help and in what way?
And what about the interaction of humans with Data and

Editor note: Investors adapt the famous quote to
“It’s the Data Stupidâ€. Creating and using data that is
reliable, transparent and actionable is not simple. Efi analyses
ventures working in this exciting frontier space.

Managing Director EMEA at 24 Exchange @Alan_SmartMoney wrote

Stablecoin News for week ending Tuesday 2 June 2020

This weekly snapshot is the news that matters in the
Stablecoin market.

Wednesday Jessica Ellerm
@jessicaellerm, our Australia-based Fintech entrepreneur and
thought leader specializing in Small Business and the Gig Economy
& CEO/Co-Founder of Zuper, a new superannuation startup in
Australia wrote
Australia’s Zip Co Cements Global Payments Presence With
Acquisition Of QuadPay

Many quality listed fintech’s have represented once in a
decade buying opportunities after the bottom fell out of the global
market in mid-March.

In Australia, Zip
falls well and truly into that category, having rallied off
lows of around $1.17 in March to close at $6.35 at the close of ASX
trade on Wednesday.

The buy now pay later fintech is steaming ahead on other fronts
too, having this week announced the acquisition of US buy now pay
later fintech QuadPay, for
$403 million.

Editor note: This is a fascinating tale of a company
on second tier exchange (not NYSE or NASDAQ) competing on the world
stage using public market equity as currency.


Thursday Patrick Kelahan
@insuranceeleph1, our US based Insurtech expert (a CX, engineering
& insurance professional, working with Insurers, Attorneys
& Owners who also serves the insurance and Fintech world as the
‘Insurance Elephant’) wrote
Life insurance as seen through the informed eyes of industry

Consider- a business that with a 5% increase in 2020 will add
$100 Bn to its annual revenues, a business that has a customer
growth potential of billions of customers, a business that in spite
of billions of dollars of technology investment in the past few
years remains a product that is most effectively sold person to
person, and a business that in developed countries has average
policy face values of more than $100,000 yet has the most effect on
its growing market with policies that are sold with face values of
hundreds of dollars.  Yes, we are talking about life insurance. 
This week Daily Fintech discusses life insurance with four industry
experts (and background from another)
representing life
insurance business on three continents.

Editor note: This is a must read for anybody who is
serious about the future of Insurance. Pat asks 8 questions of 4
experts – a great panel moderator.  

Thursday Christian Dreyer
@x3er, our Swiss based CFA who focusses on how XBRL changes our
world wrote
Conformance Suite, swaps reporting and data collection for

Editor note: This weekly snapshot is the news that
matters in the XBRL market.


Friday Bernard Lunn
@LunnBernard, CEO of
Daily Fintech and author of The
Blockchain Economy
If Security Tokens are in a coma, maybe it is time for a new look
at Utility Tokens – did somebody say ICO?!

Before we had STO, we had ICO. Now the STO market is either
taking a refreshing nap or in a coma – or punched by the SEC and
down for a count of 10.

Before either ICO or STO became famous, somebody pointed out to
me that  tokenizing existing assets via what we now call Security
Tokens is a big and important change but not as fundamentally
game-changing as a totally new tool such as Utility Tokens. Maybe
that idea of Utility Tokens is worth revisiting?

Editor note: In Legacy Finance we have Debt + Equity.
In Blockchain Finance we have Security + Utility. The latter is
more about marketing than capital raising but marketing efficiency
drives Security value.


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