Three Months Of Free Trustly Processing With Ecommpay

Payment service provider and direct card acquirer ECOMMPAY have teamed up with account-to-account payment processor Trustly, to offer 3 months of free processing.

Direct bank transfer is still one of the most popular methods of payment in Europe. With Trustly, you can accept instant bank payments on your website from 29 countries in the European market, reducing cart abandonment and increasing payment conversions.

Mobile banking is now the most heavily used banking channel, with the average person now interacting with a banking app 8.4 times per day over a 30 day period. However, more than 50% of e-commerce stores and websites, don’t offer direct bank transfer as a payment method. As gen-Z becomes more influential, the adoption of credit cards is dropping, paving the way for direct bank transfers to become the preferred method of payment.

  • Connections to 3,300+ banks across 29 European markets
  • 95% coverage in key markets enables merchants to consolidate multiple bank transfer providers across Europe
  • With customer consent, Trustly is able to extract KYC information from bank accounts
  • These details can be seamlessly transmitted to merchants in order to securely verify customers via API

Together, Trustly and ECOMMPAY can provide your business with a futureproof method of payment for your customers. What’s more, the first three months of Trustly processing are completely FREE.

To learn more about our partnership with Trustly and how it can help your business, visit [] and claim your free offer.

ECOMMPAY is an international payment service provider and direct bankcard acquirer, engineering bespoke payment solutions for clients worldwide. The Authorised Payment Institution is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (license 607597) and holds both Visa and Mastercard Principal Membership.