Through the Pandemic and Beyond: Overcoming Data Management Challenges in Capital Markets

The below is a sponsored post, from Gold Sponsors of FinovateEurope Digital 2021, InterSystems.

The COVID-19 crisis has thrown a spotlight on the inefficiencies underlying many functional areas of financial firms and caused executives to reevaluate operational resilience in light of increasing volumes and volatility. There’s been a lot of industry discussion about the potential of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to tackle challenges ranging from regulatory change management to improving the client experience.

AI has huge potential to augment and transform current market practices, but organizations need to make sure they are laying the groundwork for successful implementation by considering the underlying data infrastructure required to turn these technology ambitions into reality.

In this white paper, Firebrand Research discusses how to tackle the complex issue of data management and shares key reasons to invest in a smart data fabric, including:

  • Building the data foundation for next-generation initiatives
  • Enabling a firm to adapt to volatile markets via real-time analytics
  • Connecting and harmonizing data on demand from across a firm’s many silos
  • Keeping firms out of the regulatory hot seat by ensuring high data quality
  • Providing accurate and real-time insights and new innovative services to keep ahead of the competition

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