TokenSoft Launches Investment Accounts

Token issuance and asset servicing platform TokenSoft announced the launch of TokenSoft Investment Accounts today. The new accounts offer financial institutions a way to give their clients who invest in security tokens self-managed investment wallets.

“We’re excited to bring a multi-signature wallet security packaged in a self-controlled, easy to manage brokerage-style experience to the over 100,000 investors using our platform,” said TokenSoft CEO Mason Borda.

The new investment accounts offer investors a more traditional, brokerage-style experience; access to dividend distributions; and automated reinvestment. Additionally, issuers will receive support for compliant security token standards and integrated reporting and disclosures.

“The ability for non-technical individuals to self-custody is going to change the way assets under management models work in traditional finance,” said Jordan Davis, VP of Business Development at TokenSoft. “Wallets like TokenSoft Investment Accounts will put pressure on financial institutions to provide better client servicing, value-add services, and investment management tools to earn investors’ business. People will be able to add or remove service providers from accessing their assets the same way you can add or remove profiles from your Netflix subscription.”

TokenSoft’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of the blockchain in financial markets. The company launched its white-label token securities issuance platform in 2017 to help companies tokenize their assets in an economy that does not have the infrastructure to support such transactions. Below are a few use case scenarios:

  • Venture capital firms can tokenize portions of their limited partnership interest
  • Banks can tokenize their assets under management, creating a stablecoin
  • Startups can tokenize their equity to offer investors and employees fractional ownership

Among TokenSoft’s clients are Andra Capital’s Silicon Valley and Arca Investment Management Firm. The company was founded by James Poole and Mason Borda and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.