Tomorrow’ Solutions to Today’s Problems: The FinovateSpring eMagazine

What a week it was in San Francisco, as FinovateSpring landed back in the tech capital of America!

And as much as this show felt familiar, being back in the same city again didn’t mean that we’re returned to 2019. 

We come back to find a very different fintech ecosystem. There are surface-level similarities between where financial services is now and where it was in 2019, but the last few years have brought about dramatic changes all over the world. And more changes and challenges are coming. There are so many factors affecting everyday consumers and their finances that it’s hard to keep up with them all, but the short version is that consumers need help, and it’s up to us as an industry to provide the tools and technologies that people need to secure their financial futures.

The good news is that creativity in fintech abounds, and so do new ideas. Our attendees saw both on display over the three days, as innovative demoers and industry experts took to the stage to share their insights and vision for the future of fintech. And now it’s your chance to get a piece of the action, wherever you are in the world.

Download our latest eMagazine from FinovateSpring, to get access to:

  • Insight from our resident analysts on the top trends from the event and beyond
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  • The Best of Show demos videos
  • Expert opinion on the future of payments, identity verification and creating a lasting culture of innovation

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