Top Investment Options in Today’s Changing Times

It’s safe to say that the world we live in has changed somewhat dramatically over the last two decades. With a social climate that’s progressing quickly and technology straight out of 90’s sci-fi flicks readily available across global markets, people’s priorities have taken a new direction. All of this has of course affected the stock market. If you’re a hopeful investor looking for something with a lot of ROI potential today, it can be hard to pin down something solid that’s practically a “safe bet.” Luckily, we have a few suggestions that might narrow down your choices.


Of course, tech companies made it on this list, they’ve been dominating world markets for years now. New tech is always a hot commodity, and whether it’s the newest flashy smartphone or an insanely powerful gaming computer, there are always people waiting in line to clean up available stock on release day. Changing technology isn’t a contained thing that just raises the bar between competition in that sector, but one of the biggest reasons why so many things around us, not just the stock market, have been transforming drastically before us.

When we talk about investing in technology, we don’t mean going for tech start-ups and small firms looking to create the next big gadget (although those could also be quite profitable in some cases), we mean investing in tech giants that never fail to deliver. One of the best examples of this is Apple. With every new iPhone, smartwatch, or MacBook release, there are throngs of people willing to spend their hard-earned money to get their hands on it, and who can blame them when the company always delivers top-notch products?

Video Games

The fact that investing in the gaming industry can pay off shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Video games have come a long way since they first surfaced, with gaming becoming one of the most popular hobbies in the world. This has to do a lot with the tech advancements of the last few decades, but also with the way we’ve come to view entertainment. It seems that we’re no longer satisfied with just seeing someone’s story unfold on the big screen or in writing, we want a more immersive experience, something video games never fail to provide.

It might seem a bit silly to someone unfamiliar with the gaming industry, but video game developers and publishers in this day and age are some of the most successful companies you’ll find. If you’re looking for the best stocks and shares ISA UK to reach your £20,000 tax-efficient investing limit, then checking out Nintendo, EA, or Activision might be your best bet. These companies have been doing consistently well for quite a while now, withstanding crises that can often take down even the most resilient business.

Social Media

People might be divided in their opinion of whether social media platforms have more of a positive or negative effect on our lives, but one thing they can all agree on is that social media platforms are seeing immense success. Everyone and their grandmother are on social media today. Our recent habits of looking for connections in the digital instead of face to face and the easy way to practically share whatever we want on these platforms isn’t going to be changing any time soon, so you might as well take advantage of it.

When it comes to investing in social media you should follow a similar route as with investing in technology. Going for the biggest social media companies such as Facebook is the best option, especially now that they own not one, but two of the biggest social media sites in the world.

Streaming Services

Streaming services aren’t exactly a novel invention, but in the last few years they’ve blown up across the globe. Sure, big streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu are popular right now, but are they truly a worthy long-term investment option? The answer is yes! It’s become pretty apparent that streaming services have become the go-to form of entertainment for nearly all generations, leaving the heavily ad-dependent traditional media industry to fall behind in what some are calling the adpocalypse.

When you look at things from a consumer point of view, it only makes sense that people would turn to streaming services as the “convenient” option. For years all of us have been looking to enjoy the exact type of content we want, whenever we want, and now, wherever we want. Streaming services provide just that. Thanks to their massive collections of varied and high-quality original content, availability across different devices, and the ability to stream at any time, we have full control over how we view our favorite video content.