Unifiedpost Group announces acquisition supporting the Pan-European growth strategy


European fintech, Unifiedpost Group, a secure, cloud-based platform that streamlines and automates business functions, announced the acquisition of 21 Grams, AKTI and BanqUP. With these transactions Unifiedpost Group will further develop its one-stop-shop platform and expands its activities from 15 to 20 European countries, according to a press release.

Unifiedpost Group is pursuing a focused “buy-and-build strategy”with its acquisitions, and 21 Grams with its headquarters in Stockholm and business in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark offers Unifiedpost Group the opportunity to expand its activities in those four additional countries.

Since 2004, 21 Grams has been a leading provider in the Nordic countries of mission-critical outbound mailing solutions and also provides optimized postage and parcel services, especially in the wake of the postal market deregulation in the Nordic region. The company has multi-channel digital and paper invoice delivery capabilities and provides integration with a wide variety of ERP solutions to the entire Nordic region.

“Fully aligned with the thoughtful M&A approach of Unifiedpost Group, I am convinced that with these acquisitions we set the right steps to further create a pan-European platform for documents, identity and payment services. Unifiedpost Group is looking forward to welcoming 21 Grams, AKTI and BanqUP to become part of the Unifiedpost team and to work together to pursue a unified strategy to deliver incremental growth and value for our customers,” Hans Leybaert, CEO and founder of Unifiedpost Group said in the release.