V-Health Passport combines test and vaccination solutions in app


V-Health Passport introduces a secure test and vaccine agnostic platform that works with all COVID-19 testing and vaccine protocols in an app developed by VST Enterprises.

The V-Health Passport technology has a complete audit trail of a person’s COVID-19 tests, their vaccination records and the clinics where those tests or vaccinations were conducted, according to a press release. This information is protected under the ‘Self Sovereign Identity’ GDPR-compliant data framework, allowing only the person concerned to view their personal information, with officials only able to see a current and valid COVID-19 test or vaccination status in their own app.

Black-market trade of counterfeit COVID-19 test results and vaccination cards and certificates also poses a very real threat and risk to public safety. V-Health Passport uses VCode technology that delivers information using a mixture of geo location, time, date and other parameters, making it impossible to hack. VCode works on a closed loop system with end-to-end encryption and supports over 300 million unique codes for each person on the planet.

The product has been used globally in education, the workplace, leisure centers, air travel, maritime, construction and more. The technology is now also being adopted by some of Britain’s emergency services who were seeking a solution that can both store and display results in one place and track their staff’s contact with others.

V-Health Passport scans up to ten seconds faster than any other code scanner. It can also be scanned beyond the safe social distancing of six feet, whereas other barcodes and QR codes need to be scanned within a distance of a few inches.

VSTE is working with the U.K. government and foreign governments interested in using its technology. The company is active in multiple industries and sectors including the maritime and aviation industries, construction and major infrastructure projects, as well as major national and international sporting events. V-Health Passport is also being used by private COVID-19 testing clinics, manufacturers and practices.

V-Health Passport is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.