Yext Announces Early Access Availability for its Summer ’22 Release
  • Yext announced the early access availability of its Summer ’22 release.
  • The New York company specializes in helping companies improve the way customers query their websites and apps for information about their businesses.
  • Yext made its Finovate debut in 2020 at FinovateFall.

Yext, a technology firm that leverages AI to collect and organize company information and provide it to customers, employees, and partners, announced that its Summer ’22 Release is now available for early access. The company announced last week that its solution now includes a number of new features that address a variety of business needs.

“Businesses today have to contend with an increasingly complex digital landscape,” Yext SVP of Product Management Maxwell Shaw said. “Instead of managing dozens of single-purpose applications, organizations should be empowered to consolidate essential functionality into one platform that can power both first and third-party experiences.”

The new features include:

  • Listing Updates: Provide greater visibility into engagement metrics and top keywords for enhanced search results. Improve status detail messages for better troubleshooting.
  • Custom Pages Development: Offers an improved, open architecture to enable external developers to create SEO-optimized landing pages at scale.
  • AI Data Cleaning. Applies a machine learning model for cleaning data, providing greater flexibility for developers who want to write complex functions or format data manually. Available currently as a Preview feature.
  • Fully Custom Search UI: Includes a new React component library which gives businesses new tools to build custom, AI-powered search experience frontends.
  • Solstice Algorithm Update: Leverages the Solstice algorithm update to enable administrators to optimize search experiences with Custom Phrases. Introduces Multi-Hop Relationship to support more complicated user queries.

Yext demonstrated its technology at FinovateFall 2020. The New York-based company showed how its technology helps streamline the way customers find answers to their queries when visiting a company’s website or app, using direct answers and calls-to-action. This helps boost conversion, lower operational costs, and generate new potential sources of customer intelligence to fuel future marketing efforts.

“Your marketing teams are spending a lot of money and effort driving customers to your site. We’re going to show you how to stop losing those customers because of your site experience,” Yext Head of Industry for Financial Services and Insurance Shane Closser explained during the company’s FinovateFall 2020 demo. “There’s no other solution in the market, especially within financial services, that you can deploy within six to eight weeks and see a demonstrable marketing ROI. Typically what we see is a 2x to 3x improvement in search experiences (for) users browsing your website.”

Founded in 2006, Yext began this year with a round of new platform additions for its Winter ’21 release, including listing modernization, consumer authorization, connector updates, and a feature called “Answers Headless React” which gives businesses new tools to build custom, AI-powered search experience frontends. This spring, the company announced a significant leadership transition that put board chair Michael Walrath in the CEO seat and named former Yext Chief Accounting Officer Darryl Bond as CFO. Yext also promoted Chief Strategy Officer Marc Ferrentino to the position of President and Chief Operating Officer.

With customers such as BBVA, Banner Bank, Farmers, and Citizens Financial, Yext is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker YEXT. The company has a market capitalization of $550 million.

Photo by Pixabay