How To Compare The Best Money Transfer Services

The way that we send money abroad has changed almost beyond recognition recently, with the emergence of money transfer apps, instant transfer platforms, and even wearable technologies, that can arrange transfers in a matter of a few swipes.

Although this tech disruption has made the money transfer industry a much better market for consumers, it can still be confusing to navigate through all the noise, and find the best deals.

That’s why, at The Money Cloud, we have made it easy to compare the best providers of money transfer services all at the same time, and we have broken it down into 5 simple steps to help give you all of the important facts. Using our service, you can be sure that you are making the choice that will make your money go the furthest, in the quickest time, and in the safest way.

At the end of the day, we recognise that what is most important to you is ensuring your as much of your hard earned money as possible reaches your friends, family and loved ones instead of being wasted on high fees, and wonky exchange rates.

Follow these straightforward steps to a better money transfer deal.

Using our comparison engine, input the currency you are transferring from, the amount you are looking to send, and the currency that you wish to send to. Let the engine do the hard work for you, and when the results appear, simply check the following.


The time it takes for your money to reach your intended target is of course important to you. It may be your most important concern, if the situation is urgent. We show you the time it will take using our carefully selected brokers as a first priority; it is usually between 1-3 days, but some providers offer overnight transfers. For ease of comparison, you can use the filters to find out which is the quickest provider.


This is a flat fee that the broker may charge to carry out the transaction. Some providers do not charge a fee at all, whilst others might charge a fee, but offer a better overall exchange rate.


This is the exchange rate that the broker will use. Brokers stockpile different currencies, and if they are holding a large amount of a particular currency they may be able to offer you a better deal. All the information is displayed clearly for you, and again you can filter to see who is offering the best rates in the marketplace.


We’re sure you’d like to know how much you will be saving when compared to your average retail bank. It’s always tempting to just rely on your bank to handle a money transfer transaction on your behalf, but be warned! Banks typically charge the highest fees of all money transfer providers, so we thought you’d like to know how much you’ll be saving by using one of our vetted, curated brokers.


This is the amount your recipient will receive. No hidden fees or charges, we use APIs to access real-time information from the brokers and money transfer agencies that we partner with. So you can be sure that the rate you are seeing is really available.

It genuinely is as simple as that. When you have found the deal that is right for you, simply fill out the form to contact the broker you have chosen, and let them come to you.

In our opinion, money transfer comparison is the shortest, quickest, and best way to find the deal that gives you the best value for money – we hope you agree!